SEA AUTOMAZIONI Switchboards Automation, Distribution, Control and Power with PLC / HMI / SCADA

Welcome to the Web site of the SEA Automationi !!!

Company Profile

The SEA Automationi is a company established in southern Italy, specializes in the design and construction of electrical panels and Electronic with the use of PLC, distribution and control for managing:

• automation and monitoring systems with PLC
• Electricity from Renewable Sources
• milling plants, Feed mills, olive Crushers
• Weighing and dosing systems
• Cogeneration Plants
• Temperature control

Thanks to the wide range of products on the market, the SEA Automation offers its customers the possibility of building Electrical Switchboards high technological level in accordance with the strictest standards CEI - EN/IEC and ATEX currently in force.
The experience gained in over 15 years of activity, the constant attention to industrial innovation, with the work done by the technical interior equipped with modern equipment, calculation and design tools, provide excellent technical service and products that are of the highest quality .

video demonstration of some of our achievements: